Health and Safety

A proactive approach to health and safety is an important aspect of the 4imprint workplace.

Desk-based ergonomics and best practice protocols in the office environment along with the operation of machinery and material handling at our distribution centre are key areas of emphasis in promoting a safety culture. Incidents or near misses are closely tracked, and a Safety Committee meets on a regular basis to consider future improvements based on experience and analysis of the data, or to ensure that we are fully compliant with changing regulatory requirements. In addition, we benefit from a fresh, external perspective through working closely with risk managers and loss control specialists from our property and casualty insurance carriers.

Workplace safety remains a high priority. It is an important topic at daily morning management meetings at the Oshkosh Distribution Centre, ensuring that issues or incidents are addressed immediately. Periodic business update meetings for all team members also place safety front of mind by beginning with updates, injury and near miss statistics and related discussion. All employees attend training at least annually covering plant evacuation procedures, severe weather shelter, blood-borne pathogens, fire extinguisher use and Material Safety Data Sheets. 2019 saw an emphasis on specific safety training for team members involved in operating lift equipment at the Oshkosh distribution centre.

In 2019 we made significant upgrades to the security systems at our two Oshkosh sites, as well as launching an emergency alert system enabling team members to receive updates remotely in respect of severe weather, security breaches and other threatening events. In addition, a targeted awareness campaign was run to educate and inform team members on prevention techniques to avoid slips and falls in inclement weather.

We have an extensive employee wellness program, including an on-site medical clinic at both sites in the US operation. As well as increasing productivity and being cost-effective for the company, the clinic offers great convenience and has proved very popular with employees: basic medical services such as flu shots, blood draws or consultation with a nurse or nurse practitioner on minor conditions can take 15 minutes compared to hours spent travelling to and attending an external medical facility. Other extensively used on-site offerings include physical therapy, nutritional/dietary advice and smoking cessation support.