Social Matters

Community involvement and volunteering

We continue to encourage involvement with volunteer causes within our communities. Paid time off is available to our teammates to be used specifically for volunteering for a local charity or non-profit organisation of their choice. In 2020, despite the restrictions caused by COVID-19, our team members gave 960 hours of their paid time and countless hours of their own time to schools, religious organisations, clubs, non-profit organisations and other special events.

Community involvement can take many forms:

  • Last year we started offering the opportunity to ride the ‘Give Back Bus’ during regular work hours. The bus takes team members to a destination that is only revealed on arrival to volunteer for a nearby organisation in need – such as an area non-profit. The ‘Give Back Bus’ has proved to be a great way to send a positive message by helping out in the local community, as well as offering an excellent opportunity to get to know other co-workers. Unfortunately COVID-19 has restricted participation opportunities during 2020, but we expect that this way of becoming involved in the community will remain popular in coming years.
  • The spread of the pandemic made community involvement and volunteering more challenging in 2020, but many of our team members were able to overcome the obstacles, finding safe and innovative ways to engage. Activities included the ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentoring programme, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, involvement in ‘Frosty’s Fosters Animal Rescue’, and other charitable fundraisers.

Under normal circumstances, 4imprint is actively involved in its local communities in many other ways, for example in team sponsorships, student scholarships at local colleges, product donations for events such as fun runs, 5Ks and marathons, and encouragement of team members to participate on volunteer boards and committees. In 2020 this kind of activity has been curtailed by the spread of COVID-19; we hope more of these opportunities return in 2021.

Charitable giving

The 4imprint culture, values and principles are reflected in the ‘one by one®’ charitable giving programme operated in our North American business. Each business day we aim to donate at least three $500 grants to non-profit organisations. These grants are to be used on promotional products to help the recipients spread the word, recruit volunteers, thank donors and generally make their communities a better place during the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19. In 2020, despite restrictions caused by the pandemic, more than 750 grants were awarded, including just over 200 grants in the fourth quarter of the year.