Our business is the sale and distribution of promotional products. Our commercial operations are built around a direct marketing business model designed to introduce millions of potential customers to tens of thousands of customised promotional products. Our business model is very well‑established and has proved to be flexible and resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key strengths
  • Strong company culture
  • Highly trained, long-tenured team members
  • Empowered to ‘do the right thing’
  • Expanding and productive customer file
  • Marketing ‘engine’ able to attract new and retain existing customers
  • Long tradition of excellence in customer service
  • Proprietary, scalable IT system
  • Reliable and resilient supplier network
  • Strong balance sheet
  • Investment in the business
  • Highly cash generative model driving self-financed growth
What we do
  • Fast, easy and convenient

  • Expansive and relevant product range

  • Industry-leading customer guarantee
    • Online or over the phone
    • Free samples and artwork
    • Remarkable customer service
    • Certain delivery. It’s on time or it’s on us
    • Certain value. Or we’ll refund double the difference
    • Certain happiness. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund or rerun your order
  • Data-driven heritage and discipline
  • Multi-faceted, evolving marketing portfolio
  • Brand, search, catalogue
    • New customer acquisition
    • Growing customer file
    • Existing customer retention
    • Blue Box™
  • Unrestricted access to tens of thousands of products
  • Efficient delivery of orders to short lead times
  • Minimal investment in inventory
    • Supplier holds the inventory
    • Supplier prints the product
    • Order shipped direct to customer
    • Close relationships with suppliers
    • Merchandisers ensure the product range is continually updated and curated
  • Websites, mobile, customer-facing
  • Proprietary order processing platform
  • Sophisticated database analytics
    • Mature, scalable systems
    • Efficient order processing
    • Supplier integration
    • Data-driven marketing
    • Innovative web and back office technology
Stakeholder outcomes

Strong cash generation permits us to reinvest in the continued growth of the business, and to reward our Shareholders through dividend payments and share price appreciation.

Promotional products work: they help our customers achieve their marketing goals, promote their safety initiatives and recognise their employees, amongst many other uses.

We are committed to a culture that encourages the training, development, wellbeing and personal fulfilment of every team member.

We have productive relationships with our trusted supplier partners. Our suppliers can expect to be treated in accordance with the 4imprint “Golden Rule” and to be paid on time.

Our team members are actively engaged in our communities, including charitable giving and volunteering activities.

We stand firmly behind our legacy defined benefit pension scheme obligations.