We see climate change mitigation and other aspects of environmental stewardship as a fundamental part of our commitment to building a commercially and environmentally sustainable business. We incorporate environmental matters into our strategic decision-making, evaluate our environmental performance across all the activities of the Group and search out appropriate and innovative ways to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

Emissions reduction

Our initial certification in 2021 as a CarbonNeutral® company in accordance with The CarbonNeutral® Protocol has been renewed annually and expanded to include additional GHG Protocol categories.


The aim of the SMART Committee (Sustainability. Making A Renewable Tomorrow) is to encourage and support employee involvement in sustainability initiatives as part of our daily operations and their own lives.

Our products

Our diverse range of products covers a wide array of many different materials, substrates, manufacturing processes and imprinting techniques. We are therefore very conscious of the requirement to adapt to the changing needs of our customers by helping them find the ‘perfect product’ – and this ‘perfect product’ increasingly comes with sustainable characteristics. Our Better Choices™ programme is designed to make it easy for our customers to find and research the promotional products with the characteristics that are most important to them.

For further information on environmental matters, please see pages 26 to 37 of our 2023 Annual Report & Accounts.